Inside a “Terrorism incubating environment”

Western journalists and observers who visited Aleppo during the liberation days in December 2016 exposed the entire western narrative that the mainstream media propagated during 4 very long years. In addition to that, the videos, photos, and stories shared by Jan Oberg and Vanessa Beeley and others exposed a different set of lies that were propagated in Arabic throughout the Syrian community.

As part of the divide and conquer tactics used against the Syrian people, many new concepts were conceived and propagated via social media and became talking points by Syrian public opinion leaders. Ideas like “Corruption is the real cause of our crisis” and “There is a terrorism incubating environment in Syria” served only to lead the Syrians to blame each other for the crisis, and ignore all the factual evidence about prior external planning, financing, incitement, support, and active manipulation of the events from the first day.

One of the most dangerous divide and conquer concepts is the “incubating environments” propaganda which considers the Syrian people who live under the control of the terrorist groups as an incubating environment for terrorism, while the Syrian people who live under the government control are considered an incubating environment for the regime. The concept itself is not new, and can be traced back to the war on Terrorism propaganda that lead many people to believe that terrorism grows organically in certain communities. In its modern incarnation, this propaganda was tested in Syria and propagated to other countries, and currently many “geopolitical experts” theorize about how terrorism grows organically as if it were one of the aspects of certain groups of people in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and other places.

I previously wrote in Arabic about the “myth of terrorist incubators”, and referenced certain events to show that there is no such thing in Syria.  However, During the past 4 years before Aleppo was liberated, I have not seen any interviews with people who were accused of being “terrorist incubators”. Most probably because terrorists have leverage against these people, like possibly taking their young kids to fight with them, or because the Syrian TV chose not to interview these people after liberating them from Terrorists.

Thanks to the video diaries of Vanessa Beeley and the photo stories of Jan Oberg, Now I have the proof I need to debunk the entire idea of terrorist incubators, and I would like to invite all “Arab Spring” analysts to view these resources before they claim that some people are incubating terrorism in our region for any reason.

The evidence speaks by itself. There is no need to quote or summarize anything. Just read, listen, see, and understand the following resources to see how life goes in a so called “terrorism incubator”.

Al-Ayham Saleh


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