About ArabTopics.com

Arab Topics is an online blog and an archive of important information related to many Arab Topics in General. The website is edited by Syrian writer Al-Ayham Saleh, who is recognized as the first and the longest active Syrian blogger .

ArabTopics.com tries to provide a side-stream perspective on discussion topics. Many opinions and content items might seem shocking, even offensive, to the followers of mainstream perspectives in all their flavors, either left wing, right wing, or swinging liberal perspectives.

ArabTopics welcomes contributions all the site sections, however, not all contributions will be published, and no clear reason for publishing or non-publishing any contribution will be given. The site does not have a transparent editorial policy yet, and might not have a clear editorial policy until further notice.

ArabTopics does not have a clear privacy policy yet, so any interaction with the site, or any email or comment, is the full responsibility of the person who submits it.

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