Editorial Policy

ArabTopics.com does not have a transparent or clear editorial policy. Currently, All posts are selected by an editor depending on the editor's personal view. 

In General, we have some guidelines:

  • News content, especially breaking news, will not be published.
  • Opinions about current news will not be published.
  • Opinions published in mainstream outlets might be published on ArabTopics.com, depending on how side-stream the opinion is according to the editor's estimation.
  • Propaganda content will not be published, however, anti-propaganda content is welcome.
  • Contributions are welcome, but we make not guarantee that will will publish any contribution, and we might not even explain why we decide to not publish any contribution.
  • Original content will be published in the blog. Reposted content will be published in other sections of the site with links to the original source.

To send us a contribution, please read our privacy policy, then use this form to submit your contribution.

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